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Dear visitor,

thank you for coming. Probably you are intrested in for the surename HISCHER.

My name is Matthias D. S. Hischer. I live in Germany, near Frankfurt/M. I'm married with Eva A. Hischer.



Probably the origin of surname HISCHER must be located in Silesia. Also other "Hischer's" has reported to me about their silesian parentage. If you have other or further information, please eMail me.

If you want, you can read some information about Silesia here.

(Deutschsprachige Informationen ueber Schlesien hier)


In 1945 my ancestors with the surname HISCHER came from the important Silesian city BRESLAU to Saxonia and Thuringia (after WW II parts of eastern Germany). Generations ago they lives in city NEUSTADT and village DITTERSDORF, Silesia.

In future perhaps this site will show you my family tree in alignment of my german (silesian) family name HISCHER, up from 1580 to today. Current I am looking for more information about the branch lines.

At the moment you can read this uncomplete list of living Hischer's with place of residence:



Dieter Hischer, Birkenfeld

Freyja E. Hischer, Berlin

Heinrich-Dieter Hischer and Monika Hischer, Gera

Horst Hischer and Ingeborg Hischer, Braunschweig

Johanna Hischer, Gera

M. D. S. Hischer and Eva A. Hischer, near Frankfurt/Main

Matthias Hischer, Salzkotten

Michael Hischer, Berlin

Nicole Hischer, Paderborn

Peter Hischer, Ingolstadt

Wolfgang Hischer, Bad Camberg



Agnes Hischer

Erzsebet Hischer, Balatonlelle

Maria Hischer



Janet Hischer, Scottsdale Arizona

Lori Hischer, unknown place, Minnesota

Lynette Hischer, unknown place

Joe Hischer, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


If you know information about Hischer's or about www-sites with Hischer's, please send an information to me.


My eMail is matthias at' hischer.com. (write @)


Matthias Hischer

Kapersburg Siedlung 2, 61381 Friedrichsdorf



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Twisted Tree Farm, Arizona (USA) (horse-riding, jumping: Janet Hischer)